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My very first tablet!

2013-12-10 18:13:01 by Hoen

I've just gotten my very first drawing tablet :) , a Wacom Intuos s4563815_138671712771_myfirsttablet.png


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2013-12-10 18:18:00

hey! that is great!

Hoen responds:

Thanks :) ! I'm so happy with it !


2013-12-10 19:05:50

Very nice! That ought to effectively release more of your inner artist. A real pro piece of hardware.

I would get a tablet myself, but first I'm going to learn more about art as a whole before stepping into the digital side of things.

Again, great news, take care and I hope to see some more art from you soon!
Also, have a fan. I've fanned what seems like so many people today, but it's mainly because I reckon they have loads of potential in the world of art.

Hoen responds:

Wow ,Thanks man! It's always nice for someone to say you have potential :) And it's cool that you're really educating yourself in art to get a better understanding. I'm trying to learn on the go but your way is also interesting.